Micothon: The Future of Greenhouse Crop Protection

Discover the patented,  air-assted spraying technology that gives you 79% better spraying results!

Spraying Technology

Micothon uses patented, air-assisted spraying technology that gives you 79% better spraying results compared to a standard spraying machine

Perfect For All Crops

What’s more, less spraying means less harm to the environment, brings about a considerable reduction in labour while also reducing the work risks.

Increased crop quality

Learn all about the critical factor in successful crop protection: your spraying technique for better penetration and coverage and therefore in better protection.

Micothon ROI

Growers with a 4 ha greenhouse will recover the cost of the machine within a year.

Future of Biological Control

Effectively integrate biological products in your Integrated Pest Management program with optimal spraying techniques and UVC solutions


Create a sustainable environment for your greenhouse production.

Discover our solutions for the world’s top growers: